First Post

17 July 2011

My name is Michael Moser; I used to have a home page long long time ago Seems ages now. Ever since that time a lot of things changed, so this is my somewhat belated comeback as WEB 2.0. Now any page/content here on this site may change without warning, just like Wikipedia ;-)

The posts are formatted in wiki-like markup language Textile , the site is generated by Jekyll and the web site template I modified from Dan Hixon’s blog . Github is hosting this stuff. Free comments/discussion boards are hosted by Disqus . Many thanks to everyone involved.

Also special thanks to the two inventors and developers of TCP/IP; The inventor of HTTP, and the many thousand workers and developers that deal with the wondrous world of IP routing and switching. The result of their common toil may turn out to be as important as the invention of the printing press

(Currrent Music : Buffalo Springstreen - Uno Mundo )