modern times

11 March 2013

The UK has seven social classes that’s what I call progress - the Indian caste system has only five castes.

Interesting facts about social mobility

In the US and UK there is a low level of social mobility - if you are rich then your kids will be rich;

Also: in countries with a high level of income inequality there is lower degree of social mobility. The graph that says this

Now social inequality tends to sharpen over time ; maybe the exception here are a few socially oriented countries in northern Europe, but the tendency exists. This development leads to a lesser degree of social mobility, and inevitably to ingrained inequalities of the education system.

After all its the education system that perpetuates inequalities; See university tuition fees: From 1982 to 2007, the national average increase at America’s universities was 400 percent

All these tendencies togather can lead to a weakening of democracy and to curtailment of civil liberties.