24 July 2019

From time to time there are some goodie scripts that I would like to share; (actually i put up my environment + some more goodies for bash scripting here ) Maybe you might find something interesting within this collection:

here are the instructions to set all this all up.

There are also a lot of vim customization vim customizations & addons

anyway, i am now writing less in this blog. i got to think that it is better to set up separate git repos dedicated to some particular subject. At least we can now make an unlimited number of smaller repos (that wasn’t the case when i started this project),’ My actions in this regard can be seen on my github account page

Also it seems seems that things have changed a bit since I started this blog (some nine years have passed already). I am not sure whether it is me who has changed or if it is the world around me that changed: Nowadays I am a bit weary to state my opinions under my own name, I have now the impression that self censorship has become a necessity, I didn’t have that impression back when I started this blog; people somehow seem to have become less tolerant.

If this impression is correct then I would hope this trend would change sooner than later; i think an atmosphere like this is not very conductive to progress, as such.